Featured Services

    • Weekend and extended hours for sick and well visits with no extra charges
    • *NEW: family weekend clinic for older children, parents, and adults allowing continuation of care, and convenience for families
    • *NEW: Allergy management - testing and treatment under board certified allergist and immunologist
  • Newborn visits 
  • Well visits and exams from ages 0-26 years
  • Same-day sick care
  • Sports physicals
  • Asthma management 
  • Allergy management 
  • ADHD diagnosis and treatment
  • Behavioral health 
  • Developmental Assessments 
  • Fluoride varnish treatments
  • Vision and Hearing Screening
  • Immunizations
  • In-house blood collection
  • Strep, flu, mono, RSV, pregnancy, glucose, lipid, urine testing, and more 
  • Access to pharmacy delivery services to your home
  • 24 hour physician available for urgent concerns or scripts

Hospital Privileges

  • GBMC
  • St. Joseph Medical Center
If you have chosen us to be your pediatrician once your little bundle of joy has arrived, just let the hospital know we are your physician of choice. The hospital will call us and let us know your baby has been born, and we will be over within 24 hours to do a newborn physical.



After Hour Calls:

When the office is closed, you have the following options:

1.  Call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room for a true medical emergency.  (e.g. severe life threatening allergic reactions, severe difficulty breathing, child unconscious, child fell and is severely injured and may have broken a bone, child bleeding severely, child has extremely high fever over 105 degrees). Do not wait to speak to the on call doctor.

*Please note that allergic reactions and rashes cannot be assessed in full over the phone due to the lack of a physical exam, and will need an appointment booked at the next earliest available slot, or if deemed potentially severely urgent will be told to go to an after hours urgent care or the emergency department, where a full physical exam can be done.

2.  After Hour Call Service
Call the main office at 410-323-1144 for information regarding our after hour service. 

After hours calls are meant for very urgent matters which may require the physicians judgement whether or not the matter needs to be referred to the emergency room. Or, if it is related to an issue in the clinic when the child was recently seen (eg. issue with a written prescription they were given and it cannot be filled, or child having an allergic reaction to a medication prescribed by them which may need to be stopped)

If the matter is deemed to be non urgent by the triage service, the after hours call services will be used to book an appointment for the patient  that can wait to be handled in clinic during clinic hours, with a physical exam and history taking in order for the doctor to have a proper and correct treatment plan. 

After hours calls or calls into the office during the day, are NOT meant to be a substitute for regular sick visits at booked appointments, to try to speak to the doctor for medical advice, for those who are unable to come in to the clinic during clinic hours for non urgent matters.